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Radical Metal Custom Design makes creating one-of-a-kind jewelry affordable, fun and easy. I'll work directly with you, taking your ideas, turning them into  beautiful, wearable works of art.  If you are looking for a special gift, consider co-designing a memorable piece of jewelry instead of buying something everyone else is already wearing.  I will work within your price point and communicate with you every step of the way ensuring the finished product will be cherished for years to come.

Custom designs have become my specialty for a reason. I enjoy working with  customers to help them create a lasting ring, pendant or cuff bracelet that represents their unique imagination, message of love tradition and style.

Say it in silver.

Contact me at Info@RadicalMetal.com to get started or with questions.

Examples of Radical Custom Designs

Lotus Woman with Chakras is an etched sterling, cold connected pendant.  I drew this design to incorporate the client's request for something with a lotus symbol and chakras.
This fun black onyx and fire breathing dragon ring was created for a custom client who writes science fiction.  During the brainstorming process she told me she wanted the ring to represent her love of sci-fi.  My question was  "Dark apocalyptic, outer space, horror, or fairies, dragons and magic?"  I loved bringing this little dragon to life.

I acid etched this sterling long ring with various Goddess symbols including the Triskele, Venus and Maiden/ Mother/ Crone moon imagery for a lovely woman in Glaskow who was a delightful co-designer.  When completed, she was just as proud of the creation as I was.
Genuine Sleeping Beauty turquoise and The Tree of Life feature prominently in these sister bracelets.   The client shared her family story with me requesting these bracelets to honor the relationship her and her sister share with their grandmother, their native Arizona roots and the resiliency and strength of family love.  Inside the bracelets I included a message of never ending hope and possibilities.  

My collaborating customer requested a copper and turquoise cuff as a gift for his environmental activist girlfriend. I imprinted a leaf design into the copper and added a rustic turquoise flower to this bold piece.

The woman who commissioned this emerald ring explained she wanted 'a green stone and something that represents my deep faith and my commitment to girls and women's liberation.'  I added copper accents imprinted with a cross on one side and the female symbol on the other.  

That's Ezra the mule standing on a sea of hearts that have spilled out of a horseshoe. This piece memorializes the client's long time friend who had recently passed.  She sent pics of Ezra and told me about his happy place in the desert.  I added a turquoise sun setting behind Ezra's favorite mountain range. 
I incorporated the astrological symbol for Aquarius as the tail of a shooting star on this sterling and jasper ring made for an Aquarian woman who plots astrological charts.

The client provided these stones that she collected on vacation, tumbled and polished herself. I made her a lovely pendant and ring set that will be a life long remembrance of her travels.